The Cat Fort

An Empty Building

Imagine a large, old church. It’s completely empty: no pews, no furniture, no altar…just an empty space, begging to be used. Anything could fill this space: a trampoline (maybe two or three!), a swimming pool, a row of tents…

One day, we found ourselves imagining this very thing, looking at the Saint Clement Church of Tarentum. It was a church, but could be so much more! An event venue, a creative space…perhaps even the site of the largest Cat Fort EVER! And that’s what we decided to do: build a cat fort so large, it will be EPIC! More than 80 feet long, 30 feet wide and as tall as we can safely make it, we plan to build this Epic Cat Fort.

The Epic Cat Fort Project

Each 4′ x 4′ section of the Epic Cat Fort will be built from cardboard and paper mache and designed by local artists, but you can help too!  Sign up as a volunteer to join this community project and help build the cat fort.  Volunteers can design their additions to the cat fort and help paint/decorate the Epic Cat Fort.

Before it’s unveiling, the Epic Cat Fort will be tested to be sure it is cat-worthy and safe.

When all systems are go, we’ll unveil the Epic Cat Fort on March 10th at the Epic Cat Fort Event, where cats will frolic and their owners can mingle with other cat-minded people from the Tarentum, Pittsburgh, and beyond!