Volunteers put the “Epic” in “Cat Fort”! If you’re interested in joining this epic effort, please sign up using our contact form.

Volunteers Needed:

  • Architectural consultants – consult with builders on the construction of the cat fort: If you’re a problem solver or a builder, this might be the job for you!
  • Building supervisors – help oversee the building of the cat fort
  • Art supervisors – help artists realize their creative dream for their portion of the cat fort
  • Cat whisperers – use your special animal skills to help care for the cats
  • Docents – tell others about the cat fort and show them around…basically, share the epic awesomeness!
  • Knowledge experts – help people find their way around and supply critical knowledge…like the location of the restrooms
  • Litter box patrol – no explanation necessary here except to say we’d be very, very grateful
  • Boots on the ground – help set up the venue and/or tear down afterward.
  • Parking specialists – direct traffic and keep the parking lot a sane, organized, and happy place

Need Help Finding Your Niche?

Not sure how you can help? Use our contact form or email us at info@EpicCatFort.com and we’ll help you find the best way to get involved.

Join the Epic Cat Fort Builder List

Join the Epic Cat Fort Builder List to learn about upcoming meeting dates and times for planning and building the Epic Cat Fort: